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The National Police Chiefs' Council and College of Policing have committed to developing a Police Plan of Action on Inclusion and Race. The Action Plan aims to tackle racism and racial disparity in policing at an institutional level and to create an anti-racist police service.


The ‘Independent Scrutiny and Oversight Board’ (“the ISOB”) is key to that vision.


The ISOB exists to provide overview and external scrutiny of the Police's Plan of Action.

The focus of the Plan is on the experiences and concerns of Black people due to the starkness of the racial disparities present in policing's interactions with Black communities.

The ISOB will work transparently and will hold regular “Town Hall” meetings with its Accountability Forum. The Forum’s membership will consist of individuals and organisations with an interest in scrutinising the police and representing Black people. These will include: NGOs; charities; Independent Advisory Groups; Police and Crime Panels; local community groups; and members of the public.


Nick Glynn is Interim Chair, until Abimbola Johnson returns from maternity leave in Spring 2024.

What is the ISOB?

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