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ISOB Annual Report 2023

Tuesday 8th August 2023

We have launched our first annual report which provides our feedback on the Police Race Action Plan and outlines recommendations for how the Plan, if more robust, can create a fairer policing system for Black communities. 

The report comes ahead of reiteration of the Race Action Plan by the College of Policing and National Police Chiefs' Council in the coming months and calls for: 

  1. Restructure of the Race Action Programme to better reflect an anti-racism programme; 

  2. Adequate resourcing to the Race Action Plan and Programme; 

  3. An increase in engagement with external stakeholders;

  4. Development and delivery of a clear communications strategy;

  5. Tangible and measurable performance metrics; 

  6. Identification of clear areas of focus; and 

  7. Improvements to the flow of information to the ISOB. 

ISOB Annual Report May 2022-May 2023.png
EMBARGOED COPY - ISOB Annual Report Executive Summary.png

We will be holding briefing events going further into our feedback on the Race Action Plan next month. If you would be interested in attending a feedback session, please confirm your interest in attending a session here

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