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Governance of the Police Plan of Action on Inclusion and Race


The ISOB's Purpose

To provide overview and external scrutiny of the Police Plan of Action on Inclusion and Race (“the Plan”), including review of its impact on service delivery and outcomes for the public.

Specifically the ISOB will:


  • Act as a critical friend, with an active and independent voice, highlighting issues of concern around the Plan.

  • Hold the Co-Chairs of the Programme Board to account in relation to the development, implementation and review of the Plan 

  • Establish, with the Programme Board, a shared baseline from which progress can be measured.

  • Give guidance and recommendations to the Programme Board and its Co-Chairs, police forces and NPCC Coordination Committees relating to activities and progress against the Plan.

  • Be able to request data  and information through the central team. This will be in agreement with the Programme Board.

  • Have the authority and independence to engage with stakeholders internally and externally who can offer feedback on the content and delivery of the Plan.

  • Be able to observe meetings of any of the groups involved in the Action Plan’s implementation structure, including those of the Programme Board and Central Team.


  • To represent the interests of Black communities in all of its functions

  • To work transparently in order to be accountable both to the general public and to other interested Action Plan groups

  • To hold the programme leadership to account for delivery of outcomes and benefits

  • To assess initiatives contained within the I&R Plan against a set of principles to ensure: authenticity; legitimacy; usability; realism; effectiveness; and trust and confidence within Black communities

  • To report regularly on the responsibilities of the ISOB

  • To sign off on Plan targets and consistently to provide the programme with a view on its predicted outcomes and benefits

  • To establish and manage a reference forum which will provide support and advice with implementation and review of the Plan 

  • To engage appropriately with I&R communications and events including providing regular joint communications/briefings from the Chair of ISOB and Programme SRO

  • To engage with programme team members and the governance under which they operate to provide advice and guidance

  • To scrutinise progress reports from the programme board (which will be provided to the ISOB at a time and via a method agreed between the programme manager and Chair of ISOB)

ISOB Terms of Reference



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